Violinist Ruth Bruegger Will Perform at Feb 19 Concert

Ruth Bruegger is a Southern California violinist who has had a long and diverse career in music. She has been a member of many orchestras, including, but not limited to, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Palm Desert, Mariposa, San Fernando Valley, and Garden Grove.

Ruth raised her three daughters while maintaining a full and varied freelance schedule. She holds a BA degree in music from UCLA and a Hauswirtschaft (homemaking) degree from a boarding school in Switzerland. Life has taught her that there is much joy in playing music for little money with a less-than-perfectly clean house.

Ruth has performed for audiences ranging in attendance from 1 to 12,000. She has worked with Eric Clapton, Andrea Bocelli, and even the opening of Korea’s baseball league at Dodger Stadium, to name just a few. She has also been active in the recording and film scoring industry.

Bach and Mozart are her favorites, and she knows she is not alone. Many years ago, while entertaining a room of diplomats with Mozart quartets, Henry Kissinger walked past and said in his deep voice, “I love Mozart.” She hopes you do too!

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