Featured Artist for May Concert: David Hadi

This Sunday, May 20, the La Mirada Theatre proudly presents the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA) orchestra. The concert will feature three student soloists.

David Hadi is a talented eight year old third grader who has showed passion for music since he was two, when he strummed his mom’s guitar while signing the alphabet song. Since then, David’s parents enrolled him to early childhood programs at the Colburn School of Music, where he learned various musical instruments including flutophone, ukulele, and eventually piano. He started taking piano lessons when he was five years old and is currently studying under Dr. Gideon Rubin, a talented composer, pianist, and educator. David is a winner of the MTAC San Fernando East Valley Branch 2017 Contemporary Music Festival, and 2018 Concerto Competition, and has been performing since he was five. Besides music, David’s other interests include reading, math, robotics and golf. David’s long-term vision is to be a successful technology and financial leader who contributes positively to the world of human advancements, as well as the worlds of arts and music. David hopes you will enjoy his music as much as he does!